About SJ Corporation  
Vision and Values  
Our Team & Our People  
    Our business is built on three values: HeritageInnovation and Passion.   

Our history in the industry spans over 30 years. Our heritage provides a platform for growth, allowing us to tackle new challenges and opportunities with experience and insight. 

Our history also shapes the way we approach business relationships. We value partnerships that strengthen over time, and embrace new opportunities with a long‐term view. Our each relationship built on creating mutual value.

Corporate integrity and a commitment to responsible and ethical business practices are central to our business. We combine clear and transparent reporting processes with strong corporate governance. Over time, we have developed an outstanding reputation for integrity within the industry.

    We value innovation and apply it to every facet of our business. This drives development of remarkable new products, ever‐improving quality standards, and more efficient processes. 

The Organization is driven by professionals and well qualified personnel who have decade of varied experience, added advantage of abundant cheap & skilled labor.

Innovation applies equally to our product development. This commitment to innovation and continuous improvement keeps us at the leading edge of industry developments.

The Company is a leading manufacturing and exporter of High End Diamond studded jewellery It has strong focus on the export market with clientele that includes in Hong Kong & USA.
    Sheer passion for diamond Jewelry has driven our success, and continues to propel our growth. We are fully committed to the industry and stay at the forefront in securing and shaping its future.